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These are the 3 things it takes to win a fight:

1. Commitment - Anyone can "want" to do something or talk about doing something, but until one progresses in the direction of what that something is, that's all it'll ever be - talk.  Once the initial commitment towards one's goal has been made then we look at number 2.

2. Consistency - Gyms stay in business because people "try it out", and that's as far as it goes for a lot. Just like the fight game - some people try it out, and that's enough for them. They'll always have the memories of their experience, no matter how brief it may have been, and that's enough for a lot of people. But for others - there's a hunger from inside them - maybe they don't even understand why it's there or where it comes from, but it drives them to not be the one to try it out. It drives them to push it to the limit! To go beyond what limits most would be satisfied with. That's why our 2nd "C" is Consistency - 110%.

3. Confidence - The 1st and 2nd C's are actions that only you are responsible for. You have to commit, you have to be consistent. But the 3rd "C" is different. Possibly the most important of the 3 C's, the confidence is born and gained by your completion of the first 2"C's.
So, in that order: 1.Commitment, 2.Consistency, 3.Confidence.

You can't get to #3 without starting at #1.

This is a lesson not only for the gym or the ring, but also for life.

So, if you still think this is for you and you're ready to set some goals for yourself, then start with #1.Commitment - Make the initial commitment to start training today. Don't wait for tomorrow - tomorrow may not come.

You can start by reading our gym and team procedure for new members, then using the contact info listed below to get the ball rolling.

New members must first make an appointment. When you arrive for your first day: dress athletically; bring a towel, a water bottle and $40. The fee will cover your first two weeks of training, which will be an evaluation period for the coach to determine your fitness and skill levels and to get to interact with you to understand what your personal goals are with your training so that we can custom design a personal training routine that will help you meet whatever goals you may have (recreation, fitness, competition, etc.) The first two weeks will also give you a chance to see our gym and figure out what kind of direction you want to take your training.

Women's Boxing and Personal Fitness Training
Work one on one with experienced certified personal trainer, coach, and undefeated professional boxer Josh Rutgers.

No matter what your goal, background or current situation

Want to get in the best shape of your life with the push of a coach in a new challenging sport? The world of women's Professional boxing is FULL of opportunities for someone willing to make the sacrifices.

Female Amateur programs
Training to tighten up, lose weight, and achieve incredible total body flexibility
Women's Submission wrestling and MMA cage competition
Professional Management

Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Training
7 - 8:30 pm
Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Training
Tap Out Tuesdays Submission Grappling with Undefeated Pro MMA Fighter Jon Baldree
10 - 11 am
6 - 8 pm
Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Training
6 - 8 pm
Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Training
Tap Out Thursdays Submission Grappling with Undefeated Pro MMA Fighter Jon Baldree
10 - 11 am
6 - 8 pm
Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Training
10 - 11 am
7 - 8:30 pm
Fighters Only

Personal 1 on 1 Scheduled throughout the week. Contact Josh Rutgers.

Josh Rutgers - Has trained from the ground up & put over 100 fighters in the ring over the past decade and produced multiple documented titled champions in the sports of Boxing, Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts.